re RPi Launch Day post-mortem

There’s an article over on the Raspberry Pi blog which does a very competent job of writing up the actions & reactions necessary to manage their website when the announcement of the Model 2 went live.

I love these sort of post-mortem articles when they’re written by competent professionals (as opposed to clueless PR agents). I enjoyed reading the writeups on the PyCon networking even though an amount of it was beyond me as I’m not a network specialist.

What’s most interesting about the RPi writeup, though, is the author’s responses to the (presumably) well-meaning suggestions for how to improve things. I love how he points out with one suggestion after another that their existing solution is essentially doing what the commenter is proposing, only perhaps without the buzzword attached. Finally, he cracks a little, and plays the Mongo is Webscale card (which I’d forgotten all about).

Go and have a look; it’s a fun read!