Python London meetup 10th Oct

A good turnout yesterday for the first of what Simon described as “the formal London Python meetups” — formal because at the Thoughtworks offices with some presentations. I was on first, talking about the Windows-specific WMI to an audience consisting almost entirely of *nix Pythoneers! (Went ok, despite my setting my font size too large and not realising that I could pick up my laptop and face the audience).

Chris Miles followed with his PSI lightning talk. Then we were back to Windows again for a double-whammy from the Resolver folks. First their head-honcho Giles gave an amusing view of the ups-and-downs they’ve suffered (all, I might add, within a general trend of success). And then Michael Foord gave some impressive demos of IronPython running under SilverLight within a browser.

All in all, I’m really looking forward to another one. And many thanks to Simon for organising and Thoughtworks for paying for the pizza — at least I hope they did because no-one asked me for any dosh!