Python 2.7 is out. The end of the road approaches.

Congratulations to Benjamin Peterson and everyone else who’s contributed to the release of Python 2.7. I’m already trying to push myself over to 3.x for everyday use and I’m confident that this psychological milestone will give other library developers the motivation to start looking at the 3.x series for their live code and newer releases.

Irmen de Jong has released a Python3-compatible version of the newly-rewritten Pyro4 (as well as maintaining for 2.x). The developers of pyodbc (a module I use extensively) have a Python3 branch which is due to be merged soon. pywin32 has been 3.x for quite a while now (thanks, Mark & Roger). Once I finish porting my own win32-specific stuff, I’ll be well-placed to see 3.x rolled out here at work.