A round of applause to the cherrypy maintainers

I’ve been using cherrypy for a production server at work, hosting a web interface to our helpdesk system. It’s been stable and usable even over several upgrades (I started off somewhere at cherrypy 2.x). I recently raised an issue concerning a multipart form (such as you use with a file upload control) with non-ascii text dropped into it. And a fix was applied within a couple of weeks.

I’d like to think that the trouble I took to narrow the problem down to a repeatable case helped things along. (And, goodness knows, I’ve encouraged enough people to do that on the Python lists). But in any case I very much appreciate the response from the cherrypy developers. This is one of those annoying technical things which users just can’t understand: “But why does it crash when I put a pound sign into the text?” (or when you cut-and-paste from a Word doc and you get those smart-quotes).

But not only are they responsive to bug reports; they also keep their docs up-to-date, including the very useful sections which indicate what’s changed from previous versions.