More How-do-I entries and future plans

Someone pointed out to me that I hadn’t blogged much recently. I suppose this is the curse of the blogger (or the question, if you prefer): blog early, blog often? or blog only when you’ve got something to say? Well, in a spirit of compromise, here’s a mixed bag.

First of all, I’ve uploaded a few new entries to the Win32 How-do-I? list on my Python pages. One was the direct result of a question on python-win32, while another came out of a fairly FAQ on the Python lists, and one recent thread in particular. The other one has been incubating for ages until could I iron out a couple of bugs, which I did last night.

I have a long-in-progress security module which wraps the win32security functions, trying to make them more Pythonically accessible without losing the degree of control you often need under Windows. Part of the problem is that I’ve tied myself up in knots deciding how to cope with the long sets of constants you need. Numbers? Strings? Sets? Any of the above? My current plan is to get it into a state where I can respectably release it as alpha — pretty much there already — and then stick it up on my site to see what people say. No idea how many people are actually likely to use it, but it does work and it’s been useful for me a couple of times.

I’m hoping there’ll be a Python meetup here in London in March: I’ve missed the last two due to various other commitments, but I mean to get to this one if I possibly can. Meanwhile I’m following PyCon from a distance, mostly via and Flickr.