New Win32 How-Do-I entries and a bugfix release for WMI

After no small hiatus, I have added three new Win32 How-Do-I? entries to the Python section of my site. I have several more in the pipeline but they tend to get pushed down the queue whenever anything else comes up. Suggestions for useful pages are welcome.

In other news, I’ve finally fixed a long-standing bug in WMI which overcached the WMI objects’ method calls meaning that if you looped over a list of WMI objects (say, processes) and attempted to call a method on each one (say, .Terminate) you would end up calling the first object’s method repeatedly… which would give surprising results. A couple of other bugfixes and changes have gone in there as well. I’m now considering where to go next. I’m inclined to do a refactoring, including throwing out 2.1 compatibility but I have an eye to the advance of IronPython and I wonder whether it’s worth it. The latest release is 1.3.2 and you can get it from the Python WMI page or from PyPI.

I’m also trying to fit in an update to the active_directory module which is more geared towards creating & updating objects. The releases up to now have been more or less useful for reading only. The problem is that I don’t have ready admin access to an Active Directory installation so updates are rather sporadic.