Unique chance to see old posters on the Tube

London Underground is undertaking a major transformation of many of its stations, involving retiling walls, relaying floors and generally sprucing things up. This has led, at Euston and other stations, to a surprising revelation. If you’re in the hall which separates the Victoria and Northern Line platforms at Euston, you can see some grubby posters on the wall, some torn some not. If you look closely you’ll see that they’re displaying phone numbers starting 01- and advertising albums which were (just about) fashionable 15 years ago.

The reason is that around the early 1990s, they replaced a number of these on-the-wall advertising spaces by more classy lighted boxes. Only they didn’t strip the existing posters back when they did it; they simply bolted the box on the wall over the top. It means that, as LU take all the fittings off the wall to re-tile, we’re given a glimpse of the adverts of 15 years ago (or less, depending on which station you’re looking at).

Keep an eye out; you might spot something you recognise.