The Python issues list has recently completed its move to a roundup tracker hosted at bugs.python.org (hosting donated by some third-party, I seem to remember). I’m sure there’s a fair amount of the merely psychological about it, but I find it much easier to look at and to understand. I’ve long found SourceForge’s interface far too messy and clicky. (How many things do you have to click to download the latest release of a project?). In contrast, the python.org skin on roundup is clear and uncluttered.

Of course, I wish it had some better facilities for searching / sorting.[*] I’m the kind of guy who likes to look at what’s gone on lately, both so I know what’s happened and so I can see if there’s something I can contribute to. I’ve volunteered to help with docs patches (coordinated by Georg Brandl) to ease my conscience somewhat. (I’ve got so much out of Python over the years and put so little back in).

Someone posted — and, frustratingly, I can’t find the link now — a graphical representation of the activity on each issue on the database shown across a timeline. It’s a great way to visualise what’s happening, especially when an issue can suddenly burst into life again after literally years of inactivity.

[*] UPDATE: I’ve just realised how to set up user-defined searches etc. Looks good.