Return datetime object from C extension

Combination of aide-memoire and Python info. If you want to return a datetime object from within a C extension, you need to invoke the PyDateTime_IMPORT macro and you need to do it without brackets and you need to do it from within your module’s import function:

PyInit_fileutils (void)
  return PyModule_Create (&fileutils_module);

This is — sort of — expressed in the current docs but because the markup uses the :cfunction: role, Sphinx automatically appends a pair of brackets to the text. Additionally there’s no indication of where to invoke the macro. I tried a couple of places (at the head of the file, somewhere in the code) before discovering that the code would at least compile without it, so I assumed that it wasn’t needed for my simple use of PyDateTime_FromDateAndTime. Until it crashed on me, at which point I went searching and found the answer (thanks, Martin).

I plan to patch the docs, at least to change the markup to use cmacro, possibly to indicate usage once I’ve got some input from more knowledgeable people.


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