Breathing life into the active_directory module

For a long time I’ve not been able to give my active_directory module the attention it’s needed, in spite of several people helpfully providing patches to, eg, escape slashes in monikers, bind to the Global Catalog and do other useful things. However… the need to do various things with it at work plus some questions from interested users has resulted in a flurry of housekeeping and — hopefully — improvements. It’s not done yet but, assuming I can sustain the effort, you should see the result in a few days time.

As with much of my stuff, the functionality I implement and the time I spend on it is largely a function of what the sysadmins here at work want me to for them (and how much else I can squeeze in at the same time). Just at the moment there are several initiatives to claw back wasted disc space and do other housekeeping exercises. So I get to allocate some time to my projects. Let’s see how long it lasts…


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