Sometimes the world needs a little happiness. There was an article in today’s Metro (throwaway daily paper to be found on the floor of any tube train in London). No link, I’m afraid, but the gist of it was that a young man, wanting to propose to his girlfriend in style, had asked the local cinema (in Rochdale, I seem to remember) if they’d put up on screen some appropriate words of his. They went one better, filmed him saying “I’m madly in love with you etc. etc.” and put it on before Pirates 3 which he’d taken her to see. When she saw this, she turned round to him and saw him on one knee, ring in hand. Rest of cinema on feet, applauding. Sometimes you need a happy ending!

P.S. What made the story stand out for me was not so much the young man’s romantic gesture, but the fact that the cinema was willing not only to agree to his modest request, but to improve on the idea. I hope the staff were all there watching to see their good work pay off.